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Winning In Health

Feb 28, 2019

In this episode we interview Mohammad 'Sam' Elias, Founder and President of RELI Group - one of the fastest growing health IT startups in the federal government contracting space. During this episode we uncover success clues, levers for success as a start up in the federal government space and share this growth journey with our audience.


01:04 Today’s Topic: Success Clues from One of the Fastest Growing Health IT companies in Federal Market

01:35 Federal Health Space Growth

02:06 Sam's personal growth journey in health IT

03:32 Leveraging socioeconomic set asides to grow

04:17 How to use levers of federal contracting to grow and make impact in health IT

04:52 RELI Group - winning track record

04:58 RELI Group's impact on healthcare

05:37 RELI Group Growth Journey

06:15 Levers and strategy chosen for growth

06:23 Succeeding as a 'Lone Star' CEO without a sales rep

06:57 The ROI of relationships & building trusted partnerships

08:44 Learning the customer's business, language and enabling program success with IT

09:33 Porting success to other markets

10:00 Looking at programs from a policy perspective.  Using game theory to identify bad actors

11:15 Program Integrity & Improper Payments

11:36 Attracting Key Talent & Building Credibility in the Market to support growth

13:21 Company Culture

15:22 Impact on healthcare

17:00 Partnerships of the future

17:50 Innovation:  Claims documentation, APIs, EHR integration, ONC driven standards, HIMSS

20:37 Mentoring Others

21:41 Contact Sam Elias and RELI Group -