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Winning In Health

Mar 7, 2019

In this episode of the Winning in Health podcast, host Tiffanee Neighbors is joined by the #RadicalCPA Jody Padar. Jody Padar is CEO and Principal of the New Vision CPA Group, a public accounting firm based in the Chicago area. Jody not only leads New Vision CPA Group, but is also a highly sought after speaker and thought leader in the tax and accounting profession. For more info on Jody Padar click here.  We discuss Jody's growth journey and how her desire to balance motherhood and growing professionally led to becoming a highly successful social business.  Jody shares lessons and best practices as a transformational agent in an industry.  We also discuss the importance of having a voice and knowing what that voice can do to create impact and change on an industry.  


1:00  Guest intro:  Joday Padar

2:18  Transforming an industry from an individual contributor role

2:40  Doing social media vs being a social business

3:10  Working around mommy schedule necessitated finding ways to network differently

3:24  Developing relationships online vs in person

4:46  640,000 followers on LinkedIn - what is the value of being a social business?

5:44  Thought leadership, change agent, community building, earned media, creating content

6:56  Writing leads to influence

8:04  Passion: "you can't build a following like I did if you don't like what you do

8:14  People want to be connected to that brand, to the radical CPA brand as well as to my following. 
8:22  Passion + Authenticity led to Influence. Influence spawned growth
8:33  Merger considerations and lesson learned.  Impact of being social on brand value 
11:17  Most people don’t get that personal and that’s why I’m different
11:43  Being vulnerable 
12:17  The radical brand - what it means to be “radical” and why this go to market with this brand
12:29  I've always been the person who doesn't fit in all ways. And it cracks me up because for as much as I don't fit in, I think a lot of people identify with that feeling of not fitting in. And that's why they connect to the brand radical cause they feel radical themselves. 
13:09  The evolution
From new business model with technology to artificial intelligence and bots. Radical is always evolving 
14:37  Creating change in an industry resistant to change. Creating change across general lines - baby boomers
15:00  Disruption and resistance - "I didn't realize I was displacing people's power and money"
16:07  Disruption and monetization 
16:18  Early adopters and influential champions who rallied w me 
16:50  Leadership - mentors vs sponsors.  Many people in the background who were older and wiser that knew it needed to happen and pushed me up
17:55  Selling transformation and change
18:29  Managing resistance to the status quo 
19:00  Changing the status quo 
20:15  What's hard is a lot of the stuff are your ideas and people start to steal them
20:27  If you really want to move a profession you have to get outside of yourself.  The goal is to move a profession, not for me to be a star
20:42  Mindset:  what it takes to being a conduit for change
21:21  We started using new tools ...
21:30  What I realized is that the business model was broken and that the next generation wanted to interact with their accountant differently 
21:59  Technology adoption, Re-defining pricing models
22:00 We had to re-define what that customer relationship looked like.  Once you re-define pricing you have to look at what that customer relationship looks like
22:24  How do you transform that relationship from being a transactional relationship to what today they would call a subscription based economy or a subscription based relationship in an accounting services standpoint?
22:49  So we can be all in because we're not worried about tracking time, keeping time, billing time
23:08  There were a handful of us, we were the ones who figured it out ourselves because we prototyped it, not because someone told us how to do it. We just started working with our clients differently and we found that they liked working with us this way.
24:12 They live in an old school model yet they are taking their customers through a transformational change.  They didn't go through their own transformational change.  
24:26  The fact that Fortune 100 firms want to buy me shows me that the bigger firms need to change
24:36  When you think about any innovation, it always starts in the small light

25:22 Transformation in healthcare, transformation in sales.  Practice transformation.  Modern selling

26:26  Knowing what a voice can do to impact an industry

27:04  For me it was never about changing an industry. I didn't realize it was me, but about just doing what was right, doing the right thing. And as it evolved now you look back and you think, wow, as an itty bitty firm like a small, small from the impact that I've been able to have on the profession

27:41  I mean ultimately I was mistreated and that chip on my shoulder got my fire going to say I got to make a change, I got to do something better.

29:59  Merger fit

How to reach Jody

Twitter @JodyPadar