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Winning In Health

Jun 20, 2019

In Episode #10 we are joined by Suzana Iveljic Director of Digital Media for the Office of Communications at the Veterans Health Administration.  During this interview we continue our discussion on transformation in healthcare with a focus in this episode on how social media in particular has impacted the way healthcare organizations engage with their beneficiaries, vendors, providers and other stakeholders.   We will also get Suzana’s perspective into the evolution and impact of marketing in healthcare during her 20 years leading Marketing and Communications functions in large complex health organizations.

Show Notes


[:50 – 1:54]

Welcome & Guest Intro: 

Suzana Iveljic – Veteran Health Administration’s Director of Digital Media for the Office of Communications

[1:56 - ]  Suzana Iveljic background

[3:01]  VHA Social Media at a Glance

The Veterans Health Administration has approximately 1.1 million Facebook followers. If you tally all of the medical centers nationwide, we have over 100,000 Twitter followers and we're interacting with those people on a daily basis, actually many times in a day.

[3:50] QIO (Quality Improvement Organizaiton) Experience  

[5:49] Evolution of Communication and Social Media over last 20 years in healthcare

[7:47] Self Education and Social Media

[9:41] Social Media Engagement and Efficiency

[10:42]  Social Media Good News Stories

[11:42] Advice and metrics for large health systems around social media. 

[13:07] Using Social Media to Help Capture the Voice of the Veteran

[14:22] Conversations and building trust and community with Veterans via social media

[15:15] Connect with Veterans Health Administration

Main website:

Twitter @VeteransHealth